Jewellery Sizing

Chain lengths 

Our standard chain length unless otherwise stated is 18inch however we do offer other sizes on request some lengths are subject to an extra charge.

Silver 16inch (F.O.C)

Gold 16inch (F.O.C)

Silver 20inch (F.O.C)

Gold 20inch (F.O.C)

Silver 24inch (+£2.00)

Gold 24inch (+£4.00)

Silver 30inch (+£5.00)

Gold 30inch (+£8.00)

Silver 34inch (+£10.00)

Gold 34inch (+£15.00)

If you require a different chain length please contact us on the contact page. 

Please note that custom chain lengths are non-refundable so please insure the requested length is correct before purchasing.



If you require a size other than listed we can make your size to order we also offer half size to get a more precise fit. We use U.K ring sizes, sizes are alphabetical and range from A-Z6 

If you are unsure of your size we recommend to visit your local jewellery retailer to be measured to find your exact fit, alternatively you can purchase a Plastic ring sizer online to measure yourself at home this can be tricky and there are some factors you should consider when doing so, such as natural swelling in fingers, your finger size can vary through out the day and due to the seasons so you will have to allow for when your fingers are cold and when they are warm. 

Please Note - Made to order rings are non refundable or exchangeable due the nature of being handmade to size. Please insure you order the correct size, re-sizing will incur a charge and if the ring is gold plated it will incur an additional charge. 



The bangle sizes range from extra small to extra large. To find your perfect size measure a bangle that fits you well. Measure the inside diameter of the bangle at the widest point across. The following sizes are the inside diameter of the standard bangles available, however custom sizes can be made upon request for all inquiries regarding custom sizes or commissions please use the contact page.

X Small       5.5cm

Small           6cm

Medium       6.5cm

Large           7cm

X Large        7.5cm


Jewellery resizing 

Please ensure you order the correct size as the majority of the jewellery is handmade to order. If after purchase you require your jewellery to be resized please get in contact within 14days. Silver is Free of charge to resize within 14days and Gold plated items will incur a fee due to the nature of the finish and extended work involved. 

Both silver and Gold plated jewellery return postage must be covered by special delivery on their return and any return postage costs must be paid for in advance. 

Silver Ring - F.O.C 

Gold plated Ring From £15.00

Silver chains F.O.C (up to two inch size increase)

Gold plated Chain From £15.00

Bangles silver F.O.C

Bangles Gold plated from £20.00 

Diamond/stone set Rings from £50.00


for any other items please get in contact via the contact page.

If you require your jewellery to be resized outside of the 14days policy please get in contact via the contact page. No refunds or partial refunds will be issued for items that need resizing.