Chains & Repair

Chains & Repairs 

Can my chain be repaired? Your chain will need care and attention. Please do not just slip the chain over your head and be sure to always fasten it on and off. We recommend you do not sleep in your chain or wear it whilst doing physical activities or in the shower. Always store your chain in its original box when you are not wearing it to avoid tarnishing and tangling. Storing a chain tangled can cause the metal to kink and bend making weak spots in the chain. 

Be careful when wearing your chain with other items like scarves, high neck tops and cross over body bags, as they can become tangled and result in your necklace being pulled which may stretch your chain or result in your chain being broken. It's best to avoid wearing perfumes, oils and creams when wearing your necklace, as this can tarnish your chain. Some products contain chemicals which will cause the chain to erode and weaken and eventually snap or break.

We know that chains cannot break or snap just on their own without some force and will only break if pulled, forced or caught. Please be reassured, your silver chain isn't going to suddenly break or snap, unless it's put under some serious stress! All of our chains are made from quality recycled sterling silver, gold vermeil and solid gold, all of which are soft alloys/metals and will only break when stretched. When inspected closely, there will always be telltale signs of a chain being accidentally pulled, which means we can always unfortunately rule out a chain just breaking on its own with nothing triggering it. This will also determine if it can be repaired as the stress on the chain will cause weak spots. Much to our dismay, most fine chains cannot be repaired for a number of reasons once broken and compromised, and therefore will most likely need to be replaced with a new chain. 

If your chain is repairable, we will repair it free of charge + postage costs (*please note their would be a surcharge of £15 for replating the necklace if it’s gold plated). If the break is in a visible part of the chain or there are too many weak spots and the chain has been stretched resulting in it being misshapen, you would need a replacement chain. Replacement chains depending on style and length start from £15 for silver and £25 for gold vermeil. Solid gold are priced on request. Replacement chains are sold at a reduced cost compared to our RRP as we understand how disheartening it can be when your beloved chain has been broken. 
You can send your chain to us to inspect and determine the resolution at the following address:
Rebecca Furze Jewellery
8 The plains 
TQ9 5DR 
Please do contact us first before returning your chain so we know to expect it, and please remember to include your name, email address and return postage address.  We highly recommend sending it to us recorded or special delivery and we will not be responsible for returns that go missing in the post or incur further damage when in transit. 
We hope you love and cherish your Rebecca Furze pieces. Please feel free to get in touch for advise or take a look at our Jewellery Care Guide for more information.
Thank you. 

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