I embarked on my journey with jewellery design after starting my young family. I self taught and experimented with different mediums of jewellery making, however, a life long passion to create and make jewellery in precious metals led me to a local artisan jeweller with whom I started an evening course.
I was soon offered in-house training, which then secured me a position within the company as a resident jewellery maker. It was here I learnt lots of skills and developed a hunger to develop them more, leading me to enrol on and advanced jewellers course in Plymouth. 

My passion for jewellery started from a very young age. I grew up in London where my mother owned an antique and collectables shop, where I would spend time mesmerised by the jewellery on display. I can recall watching customers trying on jewellery and how their mannerisms and aura would change as they wore these precious treasures. I loved how a relationship could be created with the pieces as they were adorned with them, and this has always stuck with me, it is these feelings I hope will transpire with my work. 
I was fortunate enough to travel to different countries as a child due to my father working within the airline industry, it was on these travels where my influences started, being introduced to different cultures and exploring some of the worlds most ancient ruins. I still love to travel and continue to visit inspiring countries near and far when I can to absorb and be influenced by the ancient history the world has to offer, which I can then translate into my work.
“I enjoy creating contemporary wearable pieces with a nod to history”
I use a variety of traditional silversmiths techniques and tools to create my jewellery. All of my work is handmade and designed in my studio/shop in Totnes, Devon. I always try to work with recycled metals where possible and where available.
The new ‘Proposal & celebration’ collection focusing on pieces for engagement rings and wedding jewellery is made from 100% recycled white and yellow golds and Ethical diamonds. Each diamond in the new collection are CanadaMarkᵀᴹ diamonds, that are ethically sourced and mined, sourced from a U.K. based fair trade gemstone company who guarantee they are conflict free and are in compliance with United Nations resolutions.